Womens Ordination

This PDF file, written by an SDA pastor, will help you understand the WO movement in a timeline of events.

December 19, 2015: In the North American Division (NAD), with the approval of the Pacific Union Conference (PUC), the Southeastern California Conference (SECC) held a service “ordaining” a woman to the gospel ministry. NAD, PUC, and SECC are all subunits of the worldwide SDA church organization. This short video includes excerpts from the Dec. 19 service which goes directly against the vote made at the GC session just months prior on July 8, 2015.

Jeremiah tells us that rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. Who's at fault here? SECC for doing this or the GC for not taking any action against it?

Until leadership repents of this rebellion there can be no church unity and a house divided cannot stand. Great tribulation will come to the SDA church if there is no public confession/repentance for what is taking place. We, as SDA's, cannot expect God to treat us any better than He did Israel in their rebellions.

Click here to see the Loma Linda University church bulletin listing this service.


NAD Executive Committee Recommendation "Affirms" Men and Women for Ordination

Nov 4, 2013: Here you can see the real driving force behind the movement. The NAD is going against the vote of the SDA Church organization. The SDA Church is very clearly a divided church and this is happening from within leadership of the organization.


Columbia Union Conference president, Dave Weigley, holds ordination service for Hazel Burns and Margaret Turner

Pastors, including Oswaldo Magana (left), Ohio Conference’s director of Clergy Care and Leadership Development, and Dave Weigley, Columbia Union president (right), lay hands on Hazel Burns (in red and black) and Margaret Turner (in blue).

"Today we are revisiting the days of pioneers of the [Seventh-day] Adventist movement when there were women evangelists who raised up churches, who preached and baptized," said Dave Weigley, president of the Columbia Union Conference, during an ordination service for Hazel Burns (81) and Margaret Turner (90) at Ohio Conference’s Kettering church last Sabbath.
“Both Hazel and Margaret were second career pastors,” said Linda Farley, an ordained pastor and chaplain at the Kettering Medical Center (KMC). Burns left a full-time career in the community and began giving Bible studies without pay for nearly 10 years. She “ministered freely without pay for the Kettering church before being recognized for her service by her (Kettering) church and the Ohio Conference,” said Farley. Eventually an invitation was extended for her to become an associate pastor at Kettering.
Turner was called away from a nursing career. Garnering courage, she took Clinical Pastoral Education classes one quarter at a time. Ultimately, she went back to school and graduated from seminary 40 years after completing her undergraduate degree. She went on to become a board-certified chaplain and ministered to patients and staff at KMC and served as local church elder.
“Kettering church and surrounding communities still feel the effects of the ministry and mentoring of both of these women, who though retired, remain active in outreach to church and community,” said Farley.
During the service, Raj Attiken, Ohio Conference president, stated, “We regret we were unable to have this service while they were still employed with a paycheck coming.” After Weigley recognized and affirmed the “specific and personal” calls to ministry each woman had received, he stated they were “pioneers in their own right,” and offered the ordination prayer. Rob Vandeman, executive secretary of the Columbia Union, concluded by saying “Better late than never. We apologize for the delay in getting these to you,” before presenting their emeritus ministerial credentials—the same ones given to every retired, ordained minister in the Adventist denomination.
Video of the service may be found at http://vimeo.com/79566262, beginning at minute 16:20.


Southeastern California Conference (SECC) Elects Sandra Roberts as President

"A Corona minister’s selection as the Southeastern California Conference leader is at odds with the world church's votes against women's ordination" This is a quote from a worldly online news service. The world sees the contradiction in the SDA Church now. We are a house divided and cannot deny it.

See article here

The article states "Corona’s Sandra Roberts on Sunday, Oct. 27, became the first woman to lead a Seventh-day Adventist conference, a controversial move the worldwide church says it will not recognize."

It should be noted however, that the NAD, at its Oct 31, 2013 Year End Meeting DID recognize her and welcomed her with lengthy applause. The problem is not just SECC, but NAD leadership too.

See NAD President Dan Jackson's Letter to NADCOM on Women in Ministry to see how he supports WO.

SECC Elects Sandra Roberts as President

'Earned a Doctor of Ministry degree, with emphasis in spiritual formation, from the Claremont School of Theology; a Master of Arts degree in religious education from Andrews University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in dietetics from Loma Linda University."

See SECC website about her here.

Oct. 27, 2013: See this SECC website about the following:.

"Ricardo Graham, president of the Pacific Union Conference, reminded delegates that the General Conference does not endorse women’s ordination, and he passed on a message from Ted N. C. Wilson, president of the world church, clarifying that the election of a woman as president would not be recognized by the General Conference.

But Graham continued by stating that because delegates to the Pacific Union Special Session voted in 2012 to authorize the ordination of women, that the recommendation of the SECC nominating committee is in harmony with conference and union bylaws and policies."

Notice the message from the GC to Pacific Union Conference president Ricardo Graham. He blatantly "thumbs his nose" at what he was told and makes an excuse. This man should be removed from membership in the church. His statement is a "white" lie. What he doesn't say is that SECC's bylaws and policy were changed and are out of harmony with the world church vote.


Mar 29, 2013: See this article at Advindicate.com

On February 22, 2013, Trisha Famisaran, who is assistant professor of philosophy and theological studies and director of the honors program at La Sierra University, preached a sermon at the Hollywood SDA Church, where Ryan Bell is the pastor, titled, “Repenting of Patriarchy and Heterosexism.”

Trisha Famisaran : "...No person should be treated as anything less than equal because they were born into one kind of body or one kind of sexual orientation and not another. Yet, it is not uncommon for me to come across people who say things like, 'I'm sorry if you don't like God's order, but God created men and women to relate this way. We can't explain why, but there must be some reason behind this necessary hierarchy' There are many good and well intentioned people who still believe that God desires for men to lead and women to follow, for men to chase and women to answer. For men to decide and women to submit. We might live in the 21st century. Women may have been able to vote since 1920. We can go out and have jobs if we want outside of the home. We can even hold office, but we really have a ways to go before women are valued and treated equally, as we say that we want to do..."

Later in the presentation she says:

"Now. This term patriarchy. You've heard it before - yeah? We've been throwing it around. It literally means rule of the father. It's probably evident, I do not think that patriarchy is the will of God. There are certain patriarchs in scripture, and Ellen White even, uh, used the word when she titled one of her books Patriarchs and Prophets. Now, without directly criticizing sister White, but to point out a common mistake of historians, it's not accurate to depict human history as an account of the lives and decisions of men. Women have always actively shaped human history, but their stories and contributions were not considered as important. And they were not usually allowed to take on roles that would have shined the spotlight on them. It's not that they couldn't have led, they just weren't given the opportunity..." She goes on to say patriarchy is an "oppressive system" and "distorts what God created humans to be". So we have to ask the question now, that if what Trisha says is true, then why did God create a system that distorts His own purpose for humans? What absurd reasoning and logic.

Trisha at best obfuscates the issues by mixing truth and error as seen in the above quote. Her sermon sounds alot like Korah, Dathan and Abiram's complain to Moses and their justification for not having to remain in their role. Should men should start complaining to God about why they can't have babies - that He didn't create men equal to women? Men can use the same faulty argument as Trisha to make the same kind of complaints.

A little later she says:

"Now I'm going to freely admit that I'm fond of a certain pop song and the lyrics go like this - I am beautiful in my own way cause God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way. ...ha, ha ha... Stefanie Germanotta. Who is that? Yeah, Lady Gaga. haha OK. Lady Gaga might might seem haphazard. Sometimes I think that she is. Um, and she certainly says things for shock affect. Um, she's very provocative and her lyrics are very explicit, but she provokes in more ways than one, and that's because I really think there's some substance behind this song. I really do. She knows how to make a point."

Does she gets more inspiration from Lady Gaga than Ellen White? Lady Gaga is one of the most explicit, foul mouthed, singers on the planet! Listen to how Trisha tries to make a parallell with the life of Job to the life of gays. Listen carefully as she explains why gay and lesbian MEMBERS should be included in the church too.


The Hollywood Church is observing Lent. Is this really an Adventist church or are they following the world and/or Papacy? Looks more like a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Theology of Ordination Study Committee Membership Complete, Names Released

North Pacific Union Gleaner Jan 2013 and Adventist World Dec 2012

By : Today, Dec 22, 2012, I recieved both the Jan 2013 NPUC Gleaner and the Dec 2012 Adventist World. On page 3 of A.W. under World Report, it says:

"world leaders of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists voted to approve a 'Statement on Church Polity, Procedures, and Resolution of Disagreements in the Light of Recent Union Actions on Ministerial Ordination' on October 16, 2012, during the Annual Council of world church leaders... The move comes after three local union conferences - the North German Union in the Inter-European Division, and the Columbia Union and Pacific Union in the North American Division - separetly voted this year to permit ordination 'without regard to gender', something the Adventist Church as a whole has twice rejected in votes at the movement's quinquinial General Conference sessions.

The voted statement expresses diasapproval of the independent actions of the union conferences..."

The arcticle also talks about how there will be continuing studies on this topic which are expected to be ready in 2014.

"Decisions to pursue a course of action not in harmony with the 1990 and 1995 General Conference session decisions (with respect to ministerial ordination) represent not only an expression of dissent but also a demonstration of self-determination in a matter previously decided by the collective church... The General Conference Executive Committee regards these actions as serious mistakes... The world church cannot legitimize practices that clearly contradict the intent of the General Conference session actions. ...Accordingly, the world church does not recognize actions authorizing or implementing ministerial ordination without regard to gender."

Now to the Gleaner article which states:

"NPUC leaders are moving ahead on this topic prayerfully and intentionally, yet respectful of the world church's call for unified action."

In the Nov 14, 2012 executive committee they voted to:

"1) inform and educate Nortwest members of the rationale toward biblical church leadership without regard to gender;"

Does this imply we haven't had biblical church leadership in this area?

"2) engage and encourage constituents in structured conversation and discussion on women in ministry"

"3) call a special session of the NPUC constituency when appropriate to address ministerial ordination without regard to gender"

Now. Just why would they want to intentionaly discuss items #1 and #3 when the GC has clearly stated that this direction is a "serious mistake" that's not legitimate and contradicts the GC session actions? Why? Becuase like the other "independent actions of union conferences" we have people in this union, of which I am a member, that want to vote implementing ministerial ordination without regard to gender. Beware of those in leadership positions that are pushing an agenda contrary to the world church votes. For them to even try to do likewise, will show a "demonstration of self-determination in a matter previously decided by the collective church." Those type of people that keep saying "they are respectful of the world church's call for unified action" yet try to push an "independent" action contrary to the world church are wolves in sheeps clothing. Any leaders of this nature should be voted out of office if they go contrary to the world church. The real heart of this issue right now is the manner in which these unions are trying to make change and it's a "serious mistake". What will be interesting is what is the GC going to do next with these "independent" fractions within the church. Will they treat them like they have other groups that have formed "independent" churches or will they just give them a slap on the wrist and let them continue with their ordinations without regard to gender? If they let them continue then they need to appologize for how they've treated all other "independent" Adventist churches or else they will be practicing hypocrisy.

Dec 5, 2012: Adventist News: Theology of Ordination Study Committee Membership Complete, Names Released

The General Conference (GC) and various Divisions

On Aug 19, 2012, the Pacific Union voted to ordain women without regard to gender. You can read the General Conference response to the votes here.

"The General Conference leadership is seriously concerned, though, with the Pacific Union’s subsequent action to preempt the collective decisions of the world church regarding ordination. Unilateral actions contrary to the voted decisions of the global church seriously threaten the unity of the church." ..."Further, the action is contrary to General Conference Working Policy and sets aside the 1990 and 1995 decisions of the General Conference in Session respecting the practice of ordination. The action taken by the Pacific Union Conference represents a serious threat to the unity of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church, and thus, at its next meeting in October 2012, as indicated in another recent public statement by General Conference officers and division presidents, the General Conference Executive Committee will carefully review the situation and determine how to respond."

If the GC is really serious about the above statements that they believe this seriously threatens the unity of the church, then they should be taking immediate action. If your child was standing in the highway in danger from getting run over, would you just say, "Oh, I'll pray about it and ask God what is the best thing to do." or "I'll form a committee to study the matter for awhile..." Shouldn't all of the leaders in the GC have spiritual discernment to know to take action immediately in a crisis? Just how serious is the GC about actions that "seriously threaten the unity of the church"? We should know quickly or else credibility of the GC will be lost among God's people in the SDA Church. A house divided cannot stand. This is the same kind of test that Israel went through with Korah, Dathan and Abiram. It's the same kind of test as when "one of the nobles of Israel, came boldly into the camp, accompanied by a Midianitish harlot" PP 455. Will we as SDA's, pass this test? This is a test that we have many examples from situations in the Bible and so much more information from the Spirit of Prophecy writings. We know we are to take immediate action, yet our leaders delay which is starting to make our people doubt that the GC is serious or that the GC really has any serious problem with what these Unions have done. This rebellion is an historic event in Seventh-day Adventist church history. Will our leadership too fail? Please read Chapter 41 of Patriarchs and Prophets to see the parallels to our church today. Are you taking an active part in notifying leaders that they need to act quickly and take real action against rebellion? Are you a member in one of these rebellious Unions and you don't agree with their decision?. Here's one thing you can do. This may sound drastic to some, but it can send a strong message to leaders if people seriously do this. Tell them you will remove your membership and support from the rebellious union you are in and get it in another union that's in agreement with the world church. Do you seriously want to have membership in a Union that is rebellion against your world church? Just how serious are YOU about this matter? No whining, no complaining, YOU too must take some sort of action and be a voice. Currently the SDA Church is clearly a divided house. What happens next will be very interesting.

In the shadow of the July 29, 2012 vote of support for womens ordination by the Columbia Union, president Ted Wilson of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists gave this appeal for unity on Aug 9, 2012 on 3ABN


Spectrum Magazine: May 2012: "President Dan Jackson repeated what had been said many times throughout the conference: “I want to thank each of you for responding to the call of God.” The only issue now, it seemed, was just how to resolve the ordination issue in terms of church policy and governance"

"...President Jackson’s first of two presentations focused on governance in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He began by stating that governance flows in two directions, from the top down, and from the bottom up. After referring to his January 31, 2012 letter to North American church leaders, he listed the various unions and conferences that have now moved forward on the ordination issue. He understood that many might be wondering why the NAD was not commenting on these actions. His explanation was to begin singing the song first released by The Four Seasons in 1964, 'Silence is Golden.' He described the conferences and unions as doing what they feel God is calling them to do, and the NAD did not see its role as one of trying to stop them. 'We are not going to chastise them…we are not going to affirm them.' Instead, President Jackson sees the role of the NAD as one of educating the North American constituencies."

North American Division (NAD)

The issue of women's ordination has recently hit with a vengeance across the North American Division. Why are so many Unions in this Division now in favor of women's ordination even though it has been voted down twice? It was voted down once during the 1990 world session and again in 1995. Take a look at this information from the NAD as posted on the Illinois Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and ask yourself, "Is the NAD against women's ordination and do they wish to abide by the world church vote?" Also see the "SDA Unions" link at the top left of this webpage for more information.



Trans-European Division (TED)

They say "The ordination of women as church deaconesses and elders has been approved “where the division found it applicable, or possible, or profitable in their situation."" However near the end they list recommendations to "To request the General Conference for permission to ordain women to the gospel ministry within the Trans-European Division" So which is it? Are they going to go ahead and ordain or wait for permission. We already know the world church has voted no on womens ordination so why are they waiting for permission?

Read the entire article here at http://www.ted-adventist.org/features-and-analysis/leadership-and-ordination-of-women