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  • Dec. 31, 2012: NAD Ministerial: Dec 30, 2012 - Best Practices for Adventist Worship: On the North American Division Ministerial website Dannon Rampton has to say about contemprary worship styles and then he makes a blanket statement saying "None of these ideas are wrong." How deceptive and utterly wrong. Beware of men supporting worship with rock music and worldly entertainment and the styles and ways of the world. Why would the Ministerial Dept. allow an article like this from an "interior designer in Los Angeles" and put it under Best Practices for Adventist Worship. Is this the BEST our leadership can come up with?

May 11, 2012: Adventist News Network: Youth - What makes Music Appropriate for Worship? This article says the following

"Are some styles of music more appropriate for worship than others? Gilbert Cangy shares his perspective on using instruments to praise God.

As I travel for youth ministry events, there is one issue that I get confronted with just about all the time – Music and worship – I don’t intend to resolve this [in] ninety seconds but just one perspective, my education in and my journey in music started very early, as a born-again young Seventh-day Adventist, after giving my heart to Jesus I had left behind things that I had succeeded with the world, I used to play in a soul band, I used to play bass guitar and so there was no way I was going to bring this into my worship of God because that was part of my previous life. I only used the acoustic guitar and the piano regularly at church but one evening a bunch of friends invited me to go and attend an evangelistic program that was run by a group, Youth for Christ from South Africa. When I went there I was really shocked because they were teaching Jesus with the backing of a band with all the instruments that I had left behind so I went and I talked to the leader after the program and asked, “What are you doing in my country?” He answered, “Well, we are teaching about Jesus.” I said, “teaching about Jesus with those instruments?” And he said, “Well what do you mean?” I said, “I left those instruments behind because they are instruments of the world.” Then he said to me, “You know what? I have never used those instruments except for the worship of God and teaching about Jesus. The problem is not the instruments, the problem is the association that you have with these instruments in your mind.” That was the confronting question and he set me on a journey that caused me to review the way I looked at the use of instruments in worship. Just a perspective for you to think about."

Is it no wonder there is such a problem with music in the Seventh-day Adventist Church? Think of the implications of what Cangy says. Is it "Just a perspecive for you to think about"? If music just depends on anyone's perspective then ANY kind of music for church would be appropriate. How ridiculous. Think of the message this sends to the youth who are wanting all kinds of music brought into the church. There is a spiritual discernment draught in the church and it's slapping us in the face, yet we are blind and like the dumb dogs in Isa 56:10.

Allegany East Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Camp Meeting 2012 - Young Adult Tent


Camp Meeting 2011 - Young Adult Tent


Camp Meeting "After the Service Shed"

Kanisa Fellowship - Facebook and website

"Dance Like David Danced - Live Music, Delectable Food, Dance Lessons, Dance Competition"

Chesapeake Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
New Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church
Fulton, MD


Kumar Dixit associate pastor - notice music from about 5 - 7 minutes into another video located here

The New Hope SDA Church is supporting Womens Ordination

Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
SEC Youth Federation 2010 - Latice Crawford sings.


SEC Youth Federation 2010 - Adventist Praise Break (in this case spontaneously dancing, shouting, yelling, etc.)



Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Riverside Chapel SDA Church, Nasville, TN - New Years 2011


Riverside Chapel SDA Church, Nasville, TN - "Room 3:16" 2009


 Breath of Life SDA Church, Memphis, TN.


Iowa-Missouri Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Tabernacle of Praise SDA Church Adult Choir (slowly builds and very repititious)



New York Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Staten Island SDA Church March 2012


Kingsboro Temple SDA Praise team - Sept 2010



Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

A snippet of the young tent service during praise and worship at Northeastern Conference 2011 camp meeting



Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

In 1999 we produced the video Are You Ready for Church? The Oregon Conference told many church members at 4 Town Hall Meetings (of which current president Al Riemmke was part of) that the video clips did not represent what they were doing, that they were mistakes and accidents and that it didn't represent what the conference was about. Well, think again. Just becuase we haven't produced more videos doesn't mean they haven't been doing the same type of things - and doing them repeatedly. We have a lot of video from various camp meetings and youth events since then, but for now here's a clip of the current 2012 camp meeting. They are STILL having the same types of music, etc.. You need to question these leaders.

Young Adults meeting


At the Sabbath evening 2012 main tent camp meeting program, the Oregon Conference vice president of administration, Dave Allen got the Oregon Advenist Mens Choir to lead out with an African Xhosa or Zulu chant (Walking in the Light) that used a typical African drum and beat. This South African freedom chant has some good words, although it is VERY repetitive. The choir did a type of walking in place, swaying and then raising their hands to the music.

Dave Allen Dave Allen

Short video clip someone took that shows a little of what happened. After the Oregon Adventist Mens Choir sung it, the audience was then encouraged to stand and participate. It was a bit livelier with the drum at one point. If you've been following the celebration movement and how they do things, this was just like it. This is reminiscent of Pavlov's dog experiment. Just because some Adventists in Africa did this, why do Adventists here assume it's OK? The people are being conditioned little by little to accept the standing up, swaying, and waving their hands to music. Next camp meeting should be interesting to see what else they introduce, now that they have the adults used to doing this.


2012 Oregon Conference Camp Meeting Adult Tent

Shown just below is the same music in the Thembalethu Cape Town South Africa Seventh-day Adventist Church. They too have incorporated the swaying, dancing, etc.


Seventh-day Adventists should realize that this music DOES NOT have to have all the swaying, dancing or hand waving as Dave Allen wanted to show everyone at camp meeting. Below is a non Adventist group that does it in a calm manner. Maybe Dave & the OAMC should learn from these non Adventists instead of just following after a dancing SDA church. Why is it that some Adventists feel the need to use the dancing style?


While there are some marching in the light of God, there are others dancing in the darkness of Satan.

Oregon Conference Big Lake Youth Camp - Pastor Monte Torkelson (director)

Monte Torkelson"The Israel of God in these last days are in constant danger of mixing with the world and losing all signs of their being the chosen people of God. Read again Titus 2:13-15. We are brought down to the last days, when God is purifying unto himself a peculiar people. Shall we provoke God as did ancient Israel? Shall we bring his wrath upon us by departing from him and mingling with the world, and following the abominations of the nations around us?" Review & Herald, June 25, 1861 par. 26

Flag Raising to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in 2008. Most of the girls are in black with black eye makeup and a white glove on the right hand, similar to what Michael Jackson wore, to go along with the song.


While this particular flag raising does not continue to go on at Big Lake, are you checking to see what is currently taking place? If your church does not have drums, electric guitars and participate in rock style music, and you do not wish your children to participate in this kind of music, then you need to be careful about sending them to Big Lake.

Watch the last couple minutes of the following video.

RAD Praise at Big Lake Youth Camp 2007 (Teen Camp 1)


Oregon Conference Big Lake Youth Camp Promo - notice the rock style background music



Singapore Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Thompson Chinese Church Camp 2012

Ohana Gala Night Preview


Even Adventists in other countries are into the dance and worldly American songs.

"Stand By Me" song by Ben E King



South Atlantic Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Atlanta, Georgia - Berean SDA Church


In this next clip the group Howard Gospel Choir (Spring Break 2011 Tour) performs at the Berean SDA Church in Atlanta, Georgia. After about 45 seconds they begin to get lively especially after 3:30 min.


"I am charged to tell our people, that do not realize, that the devil has device after device, and he carries them out in ways that they do not expect. Satan's agencies will invent ways to make sinners out of saints. I tell you now, that when I am laid to rest, great changes will take place. I do not know when I shall be taken; and I desire to warn all against the devices of the devil. I want the people to know? that I warned them fully before my death." - Manuscript 1, February 24, 1915 (Note: Ellen G White died July 16, 1915)

Southeastern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
Monument of Love Fellowship Church
Liturgical Dancers at Maranatha 7day Adventist Church
San Diego,CA


Mt Rubidoux SDA Church - Christmas Praise Dance - Dec 2012


Mt Rubidoux SDA Church - "Young Adult Praise Team for Mt. Rubidoux S.D.A church covers the Inspirational Rez Power by Israel Houghton" Sept 2012

Mt Rubidoux SDA Church - Celebrate Gospel 2012
Mt Rubidoux SDA Church - I Believe God - 2012 (if you dont want to see the whole video start around 5 - 6 minutes into the video and watch a minute or two of it)
Mt Rubidoux SDA Church - How Sweet the Sound - Verizon Atlanta Finals 2009
Mt Rubidoux SDA Church - James Hall with drums and dancing in the church Sept 2009
MT Rubidoux SDA Church - competition 2009


Southwest Region Conference
Shreveport, LA: Philadelphia SDA Church

"The youth at philadelphia sda church, praise dancing to tye tribbett's song, 'I want it all back' at an afternoon program at the church."


Philadelphia SDA Church: "Youth in action at 'AY'"


Texas Conference
Arlington, TX Seventh-day Adventist Church - visit the YG Church (Younger Generation Church) link on the website

You can learn more about them on their About Us website page.

Advertisement for a concert September 17th, 2011 7:00 PM at the Arlington Adventist Church


They have online Saturday and Sunday Worship services live at Check main webpage for times.

"Committed 2 Christ is an annual young adult festival held in the DFW Metroplex intent on encouraging new generations to deepen their devotion to Jesus. The inaugural worship festival was held April 21, 2012 at the Arlington Seventh-day Adventist Church. It featured NBC's Sing Off Season 2 champions, "Committed." For more information about these faith affirming young adult events, go to" Also see


Maybe you remember this group from the TV station NBC, singing worldly songs in the 2010 Sing Off competition - video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4


Click here for more related information about young adult ministry Ignition

Pastor A. Allan Martin is the host for the Younger Generation church. You may remember him from our Are You Ready For Church video in 1999.

Festival of the Laity information from the North American Division about pastor A. Allan Martin and his work at this church.



Is this what the Seventh-day Adventist Church wants to portray to the world? Why are we so closely linked with the world and trying to be like it? We need to encourage our leaders to stop being so silent on the subject of christian music, or lack thereof, and take a stand. Are you getting the picture yet of what all is going on in the Adventist Church, especially here in the North American Division? What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. Visit the Adventist Health link in the Topics to see what kind of music videos the Adventist Health system has been creating. Do we think God will bless us by supporting this with our donations? He will hold us accountable not only for supprting it, but for for not speaking out against this apostasy within our midst. What is happening is not some secret, an accident, or mistake. It's going on all over the world in our church, yet we and our leaders are too silent - dumb dogs that don't bark. Revival and reformation will NEVER come to the SDA church as long as we have leaders that do not repent for this.


This video on music was given at ASI by Christian Berdahl on music. It will help you understand the problem of music within the SDA Church. This is a "condensed" or "preview" version of his 12 hours of presentation he has available on DVD called The Distraction Dilema at Shepherd's Call Ministry - see