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Sept. 10, 2013: Pacific Northwest Gleaner: The Record Keeper.

September Gleaner cover

Ealier this year we warned you about this series of videos being produced by Garrett Caldwell - General Conference associate communications director - for a "unique audience". You should first read the Gleaner article here. "Rajeev Sigamoney, an assistant professor of Film and Television Production at Pacific Union College, was one of the series’ three script writers, along with Satterlund and Caldwell." see here

First of all these highly dramatic videos are being produced to put on the web (p7) as a Sci-Fi Steampunk web-based series genre of which a pilot episode has already been created. You can find out even more on Facebook at The Record Keeper

Notice that Jason said the characters in the above video were based upon some Phillipino lore (which is a synonym for mythology). Jason said, "Even though its a web series, we shot this to look like a big movie"

In this video the other person in the article, Jason Satterlund, owner of Big Puddle Films here in Portland Oregon tells you about steampunk and The Record Keeper.

Did you notice how proud they are of all the little details of the props used in the videos? Is this how we should be spending $1 million (p 9). Search the internet and you will find out much more. You may have to wade through a lot of listings, since Record Keeper is a new age term used for crystals, to find the information about this upcoming series.

Gleaner: "Only one of our main actors, Dennis Hill, was a Seventh-day Adventist member. The rest of our 60-plus cast and crew members represented various states of belief or unbelief"

Are you understanding what is going one here? A big dramtic film series that's supposed to portray the Great Controversy being done by those that aren't even believers. What absurdity and clearly Garrett and crew lack spiritual discernment as well as the GC which gave it the green light. The only way to stop this nonsense is to stop funding them until they repent and change their ways. Do you want your tithe money to be spent in ways we've been counseled not to by the Spirit of Propecy? These leaders are making the Spirit of Prophecy of non effect by trying to evangelize like this. Never withhold from God what is His, but just don't give it into the hands of those using it for Satans work. Gods church is plenty big enough and has men clearly led by God to direct the funds elsewhere. Just be sure to ask whoever you give funds to how they will use thefunds. Some of them may tell you they send it to the GC.

Garrett Caldwell: "We felt the steampunk genre would initially engage the imagination of curious viewers in what seems to be a fantasy world but ultimately lead them to the underlying truths of the past, present and future"

Ever heard the saying "What we win them with, is what we win them to"? Seriously, what's next Garrett, a nudey/porn film to help curious viewers see your version of the gospel? Before laughing at or dismissing that last sentence, are you aware the Euro-Africa Division has produced a video for evangelism that contains curse words and the vulgar "F" word. Just how far will Garrett, and other leaders, ignore the counsel we've been given?

May God help us to stand up and bark lest we be considered dumb dogs.

Posted: Mar. 15, 2014

Garrett Caldwell and Jason Satterland at the 2013 Geekie Awards. Jason, with Garret behind him, says "..holy crap! This is like the coolest thing"

This is a very worldly invironment, complete with curse words, that Garrett and crew attended for the Geekie Award. Why is Garrett, supposedly a Christian, attending/participating in this nonsense? Garrett shows a lack of spiritual discernment and reasoning and he should be fired as well as others in leadership for wasting so much tithe money on a Sci-Fi film - to the tune of ONE MILLION dollars!

If the GC releases this series of web-based videos and doesn't openly confess and repent for making them, then we cannot expect God to protect the SDA church any more. Why? Becuase the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy give abundant counsel against using theatrical performances and being unequally yoked with workers of iniquity (actors hired that also participate in sex films, believe in New Age, etc..) that one has to be BLIND not to see what will happen to the church for going against the counsel.

Walla Walla University

Campus Ministries 2011-2012.

Created by pastor Paddy McCoy who commented on this video "Yeah Howie! You rock! Thanks for all your hard work and thanks to a great team who were patient enough with us to make this happen :-)

When you watch this, think about the time this pastor used to create this and what he modeled it after (Star Wars)? Also look at the closing credits (about 9:07) where special thanks was given to "President McVay, for his patience with Paddys CRAZY IDEAS"

Here's another short drama with Paddy McCoy

See this drama at WWU that is being presented to the students

Here you can see the things that Paddy McCoy subscribes to on his YouTube Channel. You have to ask yourself why would a pastor subscribe to the following music.

Demoniak - This Is Porno

Here's a snapshot of part his YouTube subscription page