Recent History

Are you aware of what is taking place in the SDA church?

In 1999 when we released the video "Are You Ready For Church?", we told you about how the NAD had a plan to "plant" churches across North America - churches with a very different style of worship. Take a look at this article by Monte Salin. In the article you will read the following.

"Dr. Samir Selmanovic, an ordained Adventist minister and community activist in New York City, advocates responding to this trend with “disorganized religion.” He is part of an independent congregation, not formally affiliated with the denomination, but without any theological differences nor schismatic purpose. In fact, there are more than 70 local churches in the NYC metro area not affiliated with the denomination and probably about 500 across North America.

Almost all major metropolitan areas in North America now have at least one Adventist group that is a functioning, healthy fellowship of believers, but post-denominational in organization or a local church affiliated with a conference, but largely disengaged from that relationship. These are often the congregations that attract the significant numbers of the next generation. They have no mechanism for seeking publicity and often would rather be unknown than get into conflict with denominational representatives. They are most likely the future face of Adventist faith in North America..."

These "500" are what we warned you about in 1999 and what you will find in some of the video clips elsewhere on our website that have dancing, rock & roll, etc... Notice he tells you they are "not affiliated with the denomination" Don't you find it a bit odd that they have no problem with these churches, yet the GC sues many small independent groups that use the single word "ADVENTIST" as a part of the name of their group and the GC has even caused men to be jailed for it. It would be interesting to know if the "without any theological differences nor schismatic purpose" means that as long as they send their tithe to the GC then they are OK with the denomination. All the groups that have been sued, that clearly tell you they don't associate themselves with the GC, do not send their tithe to the GC.

April 2014: GC decides to not go through with this series which overall cost about 1 million dollars <- There went some more Tithe money.

Info from Adventst Today bemoaning its cancelation. We believe that not only should it have been canceled, but there should be an apology to members for wasting so much Tithe money. Leadership should have recognized MUCH sooner that this series was "problematic and theologically inaccurate [in] matters raised in the Web series". It should have been canceled before spending so much tithe money on it. Read Adventist News Network article here.


Sep 10, 2013: Pacific Northwest Gleaner publication writes article about The Record Keeper. Find the entire article here. This is what we warned you about in February. Now read more about how much they spent and plans for the future. Read our comments about the article in the Topics/Movie&Drama section of the website.
Feb 15, 2013: Coming Soon: Adventist Church's steampunk miniseries to begin production
Sponsored by the North American Division See their explanation video here

The Record Keeper banner

"The project is being produced by Big Puddle Films (Portland, Oregon), and is funded by the Adventist World Church and private donations, according to ANN."

The circle with the cross in it in the word "Record" above and throughout many of the texts in the Pilot Episode is the Sun Cross.

See Wikipedia: "In Wicca and other Neopagan religions the sun cross most commonly represents the sun and the four quadrants the wheel of the year, i.e. the four seasonal cycles of the year.

The sun cross has become a widespread symbol of the contemporary Gnostic revival. It is taken after the upper part of the Gnostic cross and the Cathar cross and represents the Pleroma."

Have our leaders totally lost their senses and spiritual discernment about this production, not to even mention the film's content?